Bouquets, Cake Pops & Pies


Cupcake Fairies Bouquet’s consist of our delicious cupcakes with icing formed like a Bouquet. The Bouquets are available in various colors, flavors, and themes. They are set in a themed bucket arranged with tissue paper to create a flower bouquet. Be Different, order a Cupcake Bouquet. Prices start at $40.00.

Cupcake Fairies has done it AGAIN!!! These amazing little delights are perfect. They are great party favors, wedding favors, or the perfect individual treat. Cake Pops come in our traditional flavors. As with our other items, these cake pops can be customized for your event. They can be purchased by the dozen.

These are our magnificent mini pies. We call them Pie Shots. It only takes one pie shot to hit the spot. We are adding new flavors; currently we offer peach, lemon, and strawberry. They are great-the taste of grandma’s pies in a mini size.

Try a Pie Shot today…