Cupcake Fairies


CupCake Fairies we put a little bit of Magic in every cupcake. Why not add a little Magic to your special occasion with our Whimsical Confections.  Whimsical Confections can be designed with chocolate, buttercream, fondant, or gumpaste  to match themed parties, special events, baby showers, or weddings.Cupcake Fairies has added new products to it's amazing line. Now you are able to be whimsical everyday with these unique items. 

Enjoy The Magic Of The Fairies.

Specialty Cakes

Delivered Fresh Cupcakes

Delivered fresh to your door, our cupcakes offer you a unique way to celebrate and share. We deliver magic to offices, homes, special event locations, birthday parties, or anywhere you want cupcakes.Please enjoy the magic of the fairies!!!!!!

Pie Shots

It only takes one pie shot to hit the spot. We are adding new flavors; currently we offer peach, lemon, and strawberry. They are great-the taste of grandma’s pies in a mini size.These are our magnificent mini pies.