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    CupCake Fairies

Come out and have a Great Time in the Historical French Market  at our monthly festival SOUL SATURDAY in Dutch Alley. It's a celebration of local Artists and Authors.
Great food + Great music=FUN!!! 

CupCake Fairies featured on Food  Network's 
The CupCake Fairies brought their magic on Cu
pcake Wars!!!!

Check your local schedule for show times.

Check out your FAVORITE Fairies at our new location in the historical
FRENCH MARKET. Location hours: Thursday-Sunday (10am-5pm)
Orders can be placed online 24hours or give us a call at:
(504) 333-9356 Tuesday-Sunday (10am-5pm)

That's right! The CupCake Fairies are featured in the NEW book:
This amazing 144 page book is filled with great stories, photos and tasty recipes.

Get your SIGNED copy today for only $19.99 plus tax & $6.00 shipping.
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